Low Maintenance Watergap Fence Across Creek

K-9 Katch--Fence across a creek/ watergap fence.

K-9 Katch and Kattle Keeper Systems(KKS) is the last fence you will need to install on any watergap or fence across a creek.

We all know that your fence is only as good as any escape route in it.
Do you have a houdini dog that loves to dig out?
Are you tired of trying shock collars and electric fences only to torture your dogs and test your patience?  

Our Patented fence design allows you to:

· Keeps other dogs out
· Minimal maintenance
· Expandable at any time
· Works great on culverts
· No need for dog training
· Reusable install template
· No more dogs at large or lost
· Use your whole yard/property
· Dogs can't chew or tear it apart
· Doesn't ZAP! Your dog continuously
· Diggers cannot escape under the fence
· Works great for dogs and small livestock
· No electric underground installation kits required
· Cost less $$$ to install than your average watergap fence

Low Maintenance Watergap Fence Across Creek
(Fence Design- Patent No. 9,611,670 B1)
(Install template - Patent No. 9,784,012)

Kattle Keeper Systems (KKS) is a unique and eco-friendly fence design that has been developed with livestock and dogs in mind. While the main purpose for Kattle Keeper Systems is to safely contain dogs and livestock, it also allows a natural flow of water for the safe navigation of aquatic wildlife and low flying waterfowl.

Install template assist you in installing your K-9 Katch or Kattle Keeper Systems. The system is designed to allow water, debris and dirt to pass through your fence while keeping  your dogs and livestock in, and predators out. You can install short systems under a pre-existing fence or a 4ft or higher fence across a creek. Also great for keeping culverts clean.

K-9 Katch is an affordable barrier fence design that is easily installed. We developed KKS out of our need to keep our dogs and livestock from escaping. We understand the need to have a well maintained fence.
Our reusable install templates assist you to install K-9 or KKS wherever you have a gap under your fence.

Install template comes in two sizes             

Files coming soon.