Low Maintenance Watergap Fence Across Creek


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Low Maintenance Watergap Fence Across Creek

( Fence Design - Patent No. 9,611,670 B1)

( Install Template - Patent No. 9,784,012)

Do you have a fence that goes across a creek?

Is there a gap underneath your fence

where your livestock or your dogs constantly get out,

or where predators get in?

Let me introduce you to

Kattle Keeper Systems


For the safety of your livestock

“Driving our business into the ground to secure your livestock”

    Kattle Keeper Systems (KKS) is a unique and eco-friendly fence design that has been developed with livestock and dogs in mind. While the main purpose for Kattle Keeper Systems is to safely contain livestock and dogs, it also allows  a natural flow of water for the safe navigation of aquatic wildlife and low flying waterfowl.

KKS is a fence that works with the flow and force of water. Our re-usable install template assists you in initially installing a cost effective fence across a creek, dry wash, small river, canals and over culverts. It also assists you in future adjustments or additions to your existing Kattle Keeper System. 

***As with any other digging, Always check with your local utilities prior to installation***

Our easy to use template takes the guesswork out of the install process and always provides the proper angle and consistent distance between fence posts. Our simple instructions will walk you through the proper installation so you can get maximized water flow through your KKS.

***Proper installation is critical in maintaining minimal erosion***

How it works

There is NO fence that is maintenance free, but Kattle Keeper Systems is the closest you will come to maintenance free. Any debris that remains in the fence will only take a few minutes at most to clean versus hours. Our install template can help you install a fence in a 3 ft wash all the way up to a 300 ft wash and beyond. 

*** Also works great on culverts without plugging them up***

The same common factor exists in all watergap fences , they all work against the flow of water. KKS is unique, as it works with the flow of water. It uses the flow and force of the water to work against the downward force of gravity, thus allowing the debris to rise and lower with the water level.  If the water level or the debris level is sufficient, it will force the leading end of the debris diagonally up and over the ridge of your Kattle Keeper System.

The greater the flow and the force, the cleaner the system stays.  Once the water level recedes, any remaining debris falls to the ground. If the debris is not removed, when the flow of water returns it will once again raise it up out of the way of the water, or push it over the system when there is sufficient force or maximum water level. 

Without resistance from the fence or the debris, the water runs its course more freely, there-fore creating less damage to the fence, the creek bottom or the creek bank. Unlike other water-gap fences that are made to fit the existing contour of the creek. Other fence designs cannot easily and inexpensively be adjusted to fit future erosion of your water-gap. KKS is the only water-gap fence that can easily be expanded or adjusted to fit the water-gap at anytime due to erosion.

***Always check your city, county or state ordinances prior to installation***

Why KKS?

Have you had an Expensive Watergap fence installed?

Just to find out with the next torrential downpour that you now have a larger gap than the watergap fence you installed? 

Are you ready to fork out  more money to have that new gap fixed?

 With any flawed watergap fence, no matter how expensive, comes the reality that rain will destroy it sooner or later.

Kattle Keeper Systems (KKS) was developed because of our need to contain our livestock. 

Understanding how watergaps jeopardize the safety of your livestock and the efficiency  of any fencing system, is what drove us to develop KKS.  

After years of trial and error in trying to improve other watergap fencing that already existed, we tried a different approach.

 One that would work with the flow of water and create the least amount of resistance. 

 Thus was born Kattle Keeper Systems.

Files coming soon.